Membership Criteria

A Member must:

  • Be a minimum of 25 years of age.
  • Hold a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate or higher.
  • Hold a SRC /VHF Radio licence.
  • Have completed the Urban Truant RIB familiarisation session.
  • Signed the Urban Truant RIB Club terms and conditions.

Membership Fee

An annual club membership fee of £175.00 is paid on joining Urban Truant RIB Club. Club membership is due on each yearly anniversary.

Charter Booking

RIBs can be booked for either a day or evening session. A day session begins at 9am and concludes 4:30pm. An evening session begins at 5pm and concludes at 9pm.

A Member can enter the secure membership area and book charter slots. Each member can book one charter in advance and any available charters in the next two weeks.

Damage Deposit

For each charter booked by a member, a pre authorised payment of £500.00 will be processed. Once your charter has ended and the RIB checked back in with Urban Truant your pre authorisation transaction will be cancelled.


  • A Member must hold a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate or above and a SRC/VHF radio licence.
  • If a Member does not hold these qualifications they are able to complete these with Urban Truant RYA Sailing & Powerboat School.
  • Every member must complete a familiarisation session with a member of the Urban Truant team before a charter can commence.

Member Obligations

A Member is prohibited from:

  1. Operating a RIB while under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.
  2. Breaching any UK laws.
  3. Using the RIB for commercial purpose.
  4. Breaking maritime speed limits.
  5. Removing the Boat from the water.
  6. Removing engine cowlings or covering of electric components.
  7. Towing and ‘sports equipment’ i.e. wake boards, ‘ringos’, water skis.

A Member must ensure that:

  1. The RIB is operated in accordance with maritime and harbour regulations at all times.
  2. They use the RIB in a safe and responsible manner and must not cause any damage to it.
  3. All passengers must remain in their seat while the RIB is in motion.
  4. All passengers wear lifejackets
  5. The driver always wears a kill cord while the RIB is underway.
  6. All berthing and harbour fees are paid in full for the duration of the charter.
  7. All fuel is replaced at the end of a charter.
  8. No member or passengers smokes on board a RIB.
  9. The RIB is not used for the activity of fishing or trawling.


If a Member wishes to cancel a booked charter more than fourteen days prior to the commencement of the charter the charter fee will be refunded in full.

If a Member wishes to cancel a booked charter within seven days prior to the commencement of the charter the charter fee will be forfeited. However, Urban Truant will release the booking and if this charter slot is subsequently booked the Member’s charter fee will be returned less a £25.00 administration fee.

Urban Truant may cancel a charter if the weather is deemed as dangerous. If Urban Truant cancel a member’s charter, the full charter fee will be returned to the member.

Last updated 09/03/2021

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