Affordable access to brand new high performance rigid inflatable boats (RIBs)

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For just £150 per charter The Solent is your playground, no hassle, no catch

use it like you own it....

How it Works

Based on the River Hamble, the Urban Truant RIB Club offers cost-effective, flexible access to a fleet of brand new high-end 6.0 - 6.6 metre RIBs.

No maintenance schedule to worry about, equipment to buy, or drystack to pay for - just a single simple pay-per-play facility.

The Urban Truant RIB Club gives our members access to secure online calendars. The calendars are real-time so you can reserve a RIB in confidence that it will be available - even at short notice, ideal for when you finish work early and go out for a blast in the afternoon sun.

The Boats


Highfield HX6


Highfield HX6


Highfield 660 Patrol


Highfield HX6


Highfield HX6

Route to Your Solent Playground

Do you already have a qualification?

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Complete a 2 day RYA training course with us

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Absolutely. We’ll be delighted to welcome you on board and experience firsthand the amazing possibilities available to you as an Urban Truant RIB Club member. When you join one of our first priorities is an onboard introductory/familiarisation session. This session will cover all aspects of the RIB’s systems, including engine checks, electronics, what to expect from handling and manoeuvring a Highfield, and time spent learning about the local cruising ground.
Every time you book a RIB, it will be waiting for you with a full tank of fuel. All we ask is that you return her fully fuelled. At our base at Premier Marina Swanwick, we have convenient access to 24-hour fuel filling located just along from the drystack pontoon. And as the fuel delivery is self-service, it’s quick and easy to do.
Our fleet of RIBs are each licensed to carry up to 6 people (including the driver), so you’ll have plenty of room for family and friends. The Highfield Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily. With safety, toughness and reliability, the Patrol range is a natural choice for the Urban Truant RIB Club.
The RIBS are inspected, registered and licensed by the Marine and Coastguard Agency and meet the highest safety standards. This means that all life jackets and safety equipment is provided as standard. And Urban Truant doesn't take a budget approach to safety; we've invested in comfortable Spinlock® lifejackets.
After every trip, all RIBs receive a full valet by our full-time shore team. All we ask is that you give the RIB a quick spray off at the end of your day to remove salt prior to her valet. For your convenience, a hose is provided on each RIB.
All mooring fees at Swanwick Marina are included in your package, you are only responsible for mooring fees when visiting other fee-charging locations. Additionally, as a berth holder at Swanwick Marina, you’re also entitled to visit other marinas in the Premier Marinas chain. Gosport Marina is the closest – where you can enjoy a free short-stay berths giving you to opportunity to explore the local area - including Gunwharf Quays and Spinnaker Tower (easily accessible via a short ferry ride).
Urban Truant's RIBs are insured for ‘bareboat’ charter which covers you, your party, and the RIB itself, whilst on board. However, a £500 excess would be payable in event of damage that required an insurance claim.
Urban Truant regularly runs exclusive member events designed to create new experiences, broaden your RIBing experiences, and help build your skills.
Sorry, we're afraid not.
There is an annual club membership fee of £175.
You do need experience to drive a RIB, but you do not need experience to join Urban Truant RIB Club. Urban Truant is also an RYA Training Centre and able to provide full training.

The RYA’s Powerboat Level 2 certificate is the minimum qualification (2 day course), in addition to some theory (classroom) training and your VHF radio operator's license.

An important perk of your membership is your entitlement to generous discounts on Urban Truant’s training courses. This includes the popular Sailing Course Online portal where you can study for theory qualifications from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also need to obtain your VHF license - you can also study for this online via athe RYA's Interactive platform.

Please be assured that the Urban Truant team will help you chose the course(s) for you, so that you’re ready to hit the water and have some fun – safely!
We are pleased to offer special member discounts off Urban Truant’s range of training.

Please note that some training is a pre-requisite to using a RIB - for example, you need to be legally qualified to use a marine VHF radio. Training courses include:
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 (required to be a member of the Urban Truant RIB Club)
  • RYA Intermediate Powerboat
  • RYA Powerboat Advanced
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory
  • RYA Essential Navigation (theory course)
  • SRC / VHF Radio operators licence (required to be a member of the Urban Truant RIB Club).
We have a fleet of RIBs so we’ll always do our best to make sure one is always available. We’d love to say that we can guarantee a RIB will always be available, but the reality is that it may not be – especially at peak times like Bank Holiday weekends or during Round the Island. We recommend that you book early to ensure you get a date you would particularly like - such a family birthday or other special events. Also, we’d really appreciate it if you can remember to cancel a booking when you don’t need it. If all RIBs are booked at a time you would like, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make something work.
Anywhere you have the depth of water! The beauty of a RIB is that you can go under bridges to explore the upper reaches of rivers. You also have an anchor and the manoeuvrability to visit places like Newtown Creek.

Remember, during your onboarding session, we will cover the local cruising grounds. We’ll ask about the sorts of trips you’d like to make and can make recommendations. However, please note that the RIBs shouldn’t be beached and you should always be aware of your tidal heights and local weather conditions.
No. With the Urban Truant RIB Club you’re not tied into any responsibility for owning a RIB. You get access to beautiful well-maintained RIBs, but you aren’t responsible for insurance, or running costs. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information about our cancellation policy.
All of our RIBs are well maintained and regularly serviced, so it’s unlikely you will break down. However, we recognise that real life happens. Don’t worry - all of our RIBs are members of Sea Start, who will come out and help. You will also need to alert the team at Urban Truant RIB Club. A member of the team is on call 24/7 and carries the duty mobile phone – the number for which is clearly displayed on your RIB.
Yes. When you get the keys to the RIB, a key fob will be attached. This will give you access to the showers and toilets in the berth-holder facilities, should you need them before or after your trip. 
Each RIB is licensed to carry up to 6 people. That figure includes the driver.
No. Anyone with a valid Powerboat Level 2 (or higher) is insured to drive the RIB. As the Urban Truant RIB Club member, you just need to be on board whilst the other person is driving. Unfortunately you cannot ‘sublet’ the RIB to others.
No - membership is for an individual only. Only the member can make the bookings.
If a Member wishes to cancel a booked charter more than fourteen days prior to the commencement of the charter the charter fee will be refunded in full.

If a Member wishes to cancel a booked charter less than fourteen days before the commencement of the charter, the charter fee will be forfeited. However, Urban Truant will release the booking and if this charter slot is subsequently booked by another Member the charter fee will be returned less a £25.00 administration fee.
This of course depends on how far you go, and how fast you go – the higher the revs, the more fuel you burn! As a rule of thumb, you can expect to refill by £20 for a return trip to Cowes from Swanwick Marina.
How much time do you have?! If you have the RIB for the day, then you might want to head for Lymington, or perhaps The Hut for lunch. At an average speed of 6 knots it takes about 20 minutes to get to the mouth of the River Hamble. Then once in open water, at an average of 35 knots, it takes about:
  • 10 minutes to Cowes Town Quay
  • 15 minutes to Newtown Creek
  • 35 minutes to the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour
  • 40 minutes to The Hut, Colwel Bay
  • 40 minutes up the river to Lymington Town Quay

Or, explore the upper reaches of the River Hamble, or the Beaulieu River. Perhaps anchor off Osborne Bay for lunch. As a member of the Urban Truant RIB Club the Solent is your playground!
Yes, you are able to anchor in recognised anchoring locations, such as Newtown Creek or Osborne Bay. Please make sure you know your tide times for the day in question and check a chart beforehand (or use the on-board chart plotter).

And don’t forget that the Solent mud can be pretty mucky! A pair of gloves is useful to keep your hands clean when pulling the anchor back up, and we’d appreciate it if you could hose down any mud when you return the boat.
Day session run from 9;00am - 4:30pm  - £150.00

An evening session runs from 5:30pm - 9:00pm - £75.00 (normally 5:00pm to 9:00pm) The extra half an hour has been added so that we can clean the RIB before a new club member begins an evening charter during COVID-19 regulations.

Both session can be booked together.

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