The Boats

Highfield RIBs are trusted partners to the Vendee Globe and Extreme 40s

Our fleet of Highfield Deluxe 590s & Patrol 760s, powered by Honda 100hp & 250hp outboards, are a commercial-quality RIB designed and hand built to withstand tough conditions yet still offer comfort and luxury.

With their super deep V hull and large diameter tube, the Patrol 760s offer high manoeuvrability, high safety and a soft dry ride! And with a top speed in excess of 45 knots you’re guaranteed to get where you want to go - fast!

Enough room for everyone

Our fleet of 7.6m RIBs are each licensed to carry up to 12 people (including the driver), so you’ll have plenty of room for family and friends. The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily. With safety, toughness and reliability, the Patrol range is a natural choice for the Urban Truant RIB Club.

Owning a Highfield Patrol 760 Versus Membership of the Premier RIB Club

Our Highfield Patrol 760s are brand new, fully-equipped RIBs configured for up 12 passengers (including driver). This ownership calculator shows that significant savings can be made through membership when compared to purchasing the same RIB. Hassle-free boating that’s free from any complicated financial agreements and significant cash investments!
Highfield Patrol 760 Owning Urban Truant RIB Club
Single Membership π
Urban Truant RIB Club
Joint Membership ¥
Boat Finance Down-Payment £18,000* £0 £0
Joining Fee £0 £999 £999
(or £500 each)
Boat Finance Repayment £478/month £0 £0
Monthly Membership   £395/month £550
(or £275 each)/month
Drystack Storage £350/month £0 £0
Insurance £360/pa £500 refundable excess° £500
(or £250 each) refundable excess°
Safety Kit Purchase £2000 £0 £0
Engine Service and Maintenance £960/pa £0 £0
Initial Investment £20,000 £999 £999
(or £500 each)
Monthly Pro Rata Payment £938 £395 £550
(or £275 each)
*Using Lombard Marine Finance calculator, the purchase of a Highfield Patrol 760 at cost of £60,000 requires a 30% down-payment followed by 120 payments of £478. Fees and Rep APR of 7.2% means a total cost over 10 years of £76,110. π A Urban Truant RIB Club Household Membership allows 2 named drivers from the same household to be named drivers for the RIB. (e.g. husband and wife, or partners. Proof of address required). ¥ A Urban Truant RIB Club Joint Membership allows 2 named drivers from separate households to share a single membership. This effectively halves all costs and monthly payments. Calendar bookings are still limited to a maximum 3 bookings for Joint memberships. °Membership of the Urban Truant RIB Club includes boat insurance.